Fraud Prevention


This course provides a refresher or an introduction for fraud prevention. 

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Course Description

This course provides a refresher or an introduction for fraud prevention. Participants will have an opportunity to review their fraud prevention knowledge, consider what the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners reported in 2018, and methods to evaluate fraud risk and weaknesses in their organizations. Participants will develop a better understanding of principles, methods, and limitations in a Canadian context. This course is designed for CPA members who want to be more effective in discharging their fraud prevention responsibilities.


Topics include:

  • Absence of internal controls
  • Warning signs for potential fraud
  • Findings of fraud examiners
  • 2016 ACFE report
  • COSO


What others have said about this course:

 “Good source of refresher material on Fraud Prevention and statistical information from the ACFE 2016 report. Overall, I enjoyed this course. Thank you.”

“Good course, enjoy the real life examples.”


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