Public Speaking to Boost your Career


This course provides a practice guide on public speaking engagements, from start to end. Topics include obtaining audience knowledge, organization of information, rehearsal and preparation, body language, mental attitude and delivery tips. 

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Course Description

This video based course provides practical guidance on public speaking engagements, from start to finish. It is designed to help CPA members in leadership positions or seeking to take leadership positions, become better at public speaking. It explains how to be more effective at each stage of the process. We share ideas that will improve your speech and your delivery. We explain techniques used by professional public speakers to help you improve your skills.



Topics include:

  • Potential benefits of public speaking
  • Obtaining audience knowledge, organizing information
  • Structuring key messages, opening and closing statements
  • Rehearsal and preparation
  • Room set up
  • Body language, use of voice, mental attitude and delivery tips
  • Audience interaction – Q & A, confidence, timing
  • Interview with an expert public speaking coach



What others have said about this course:

“Good course, enjoyed the real life examples.”

“Thanks to this course, I am now confident to give a presentation as well as speak in public. This course surely provided us amazing tools along with inspiration to deliver every word in public efficiently. Every content included in this course was useful and interesting. Thank you for the full effort to help us mold ourselves. Highly recommended!"

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