Intro to Capital Budgeting


This course examines how companies apply capital budgeting analyses and the methods that are actively used in the corporate world. 

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Course Description

This course examines how companies apply capital budgeting analyses and the methods that are actively used in the corporate world. These techniques can also be useful in not-for-profit and public sector organizations, since well-informed and educated financial decisions are required in all organizations. The impact of debt versus equity financing will also be discussed.

Sample calculations for various analyses will be demonstrated, including average accounting rate of return, net present value, payback periods, profitability index, etc. This course was designed for those who want to gain a basic working knowledge of capital budgeting techniques.


Topics include:

  • Overview of capital budgeting and why it’s used
  • Capital rationing
  • Net present value
  • Rates of return
  • Payback periods
  • Profitability index
  • Debt vs equity financing

What others have said about this course:

“Excellent. Short and concise, simple but effective methods to narrow in on and make optimal capital investment decisions.”

“Loved it! Simply the best course I have ever taken. The organization and presentation of the information is effective and engrossing. The instructor is evidently quite knowledgeable and sufficiently lively. Thanks for the effort and help.”

“I have a Masters degree in finance. All I wanted was to revise the concepts quickly. This course was great. It provided me a refresher of the whole capital budgeting. Bravo!”

“Awesome session. I enjoyed the course and the content. I can now do some capital budgeting.”

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  • Capital Budgeting Sample Calculations
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About the Instructor(s)

Picture of Arun Mathur
Arun Mathur

Arun Mathur, FCPA, FCA, LPA is Partner at Gerald Duthie & Co. LLP, where he provides professional services to a diverse group of clients. Arun is also Owner and Lead Instructor at UltimQuest Knowledge Inc., offering corporate training on improving governance, ethics, internal control, performance measurement and related topics. He provides live and online training through CPA bodies across Canada and Bermuda. Arun served for several years on the Board for HealthForce Ontario Marketing and Recruitment Agency, and was also Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee there and for the Trillium Gift of Life Network. He has served on the CMA Ontario's Review Committee prior to the merger as well. 

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